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We offer…

  • Spring & Fall Classes

    Each spring and fall, we offer 70 minute classes that last for 7 weeks. Usually we offer several different evening options as well as Saturday mornings, and you can choose the most convenient time for you (and you can use another time to make up any lesson you might have to miss). These classes are for ALL ages and ability levels – your child will be placed with others of similar age/skill level – and will help your child have fun while falling more and more in love with the wonderful lifetime sport of tennis!!

  • Summer Camps

    These are week-long camps (either morning or evening – we offer several of both every summer) for children of all ages and ability levels. We have the BEST time at camp – we have games, team pictures, t-shirts, music, pizza party or ice cream party, and tons of tennis!! We offer kids the chance to take part in our Challenge Program, and help them have even more fun while playing even more tennis!!!

  • Ladies Classes

    Don’t let the kids have all the fun!!! Come out and join us for the most fun we have on the courts – our ladies classes. Most seasons we offer both Beginner and Advanced Beginner/Intermediate classes for ladies. Whether you have never EVER picked up a racquet or played a sport in your life, or whether you played back in high school and remember just how much fun you had – we have a place for you! We laugh a LOT and play a lot of tennis – and do NOT say that you could never learn. We can get ANYONE out there playing tennis – and we promise you that you will have so much fun and make some great friends along the way!!!

  • Challenge Program

    Our Challenge Program is a chance for kids to work towards a goal, to encourage them to practice and really see how they are getting better all the time! We offer different levels/colors of tennis balls (much like the different levels/colors of belts in karate), and the kids are able to attempt a new level/color each season they play with us. They work through the ball colors, then 3 levels of pins, and are then invited into a leadership role helping assist the coach! Kids get SUPER excited about this program and we have seen them attempt and achieve great things!

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Get Spotted Contest

When you attend one of our classes or camps, you will receive a car magnet with our logo on it.  If I see your car with the magnet on it, I will write down your license plate number when I “spot” you.  At the end of each month, I will draw one number at random and that person will win half off of their next class or camp!

And this month’s winner is…

YFF 8095

Contact me at and I will help you redeem your prize!!


Read what our past clients are saying!

  • I would highly recommend Play Tennis Hanover to other parents. The coaches are all knowledgeable, extremely patient and most importantly so much fun!
    Dina Melton
  • Its often difficult for moms to make themselves a priority, usually giving way to family needs first. As tough as it can be to actually get to the tennis courts, it is SO worth it! I found the ladies' group to be a great stress reliever, a great work out, and some much needed ME time!
    Kate Brown
  • Wow!  Who knew that at the ripe old age of 40 I would fall in love again?  Thank you Play Tennis Hanover for bringing the joy of tennis into my life!  As a mother of two teens and a teacher, there is very little free time in my world.  Tennis is a time to have fun, meet awesome people, and maybe even burn a few calories!  All of the tennis instructors are patient and super excited to work with beginners, advanced, and every level in between.  Since moving to Hanover 7 years ago, I have made being part of Play Tennis Hanover a necessity in my busy life!
    Eileen Goddin

Upcoming Classes and Events

The true heart and soul of Play Tennis Hanover is its people – the kids, the ladies, the coaches, the buddies, the parents – everyone who has come together to love and enjoy the lifetime sport of tennis!!! This is what we are REALLY all about – enjoy these glimpses into why I love what I do. Come join us and see what all of the fun is really about!!!!

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